General Information

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Reading – each child has a reading book to take home every night.  They should read to an adult as often as is possible (every night would be great!).  It only takes 10 minutes and their reading ability does have a significant impact on their achievements across the curriculum.  Each time you hear them read please sign their reading record.  For every 25 ‘reading miles’ they get they receive a certificate.

Mental Arithmetic – each child should have a mental arithmetic book.  They normally have to complete one page per week.

There may be other homework set throughout the year depending on the topics being covered.

Of course, we encourage all children to do any extra work they wish to at home.  It is great to see children bringing in projects or extra work that they have done on their own. 


In  year 4 children have have P.E. or other physical activity sessions on most days.  Therefore, please ensure children have their P.E. kit in school every day. Please refer to the uniform policy for details of what your child should wear for a PE lesson.

If your child requires an asthma pump they should make sure it is available to them whenever they partake in P.E. (including swimming).

By year 4 children should be able to tie their own shoe laces.  If your child cannot do this, please practice at home.  It makes getting changed a lot quicker.


On Tuesday afternoons the year 4 teachers have their PPA Time. The children in year 4 are then led by our experienced Higher Level Teaching Assistants. In these afternoon sessions topic work, art, music and SEAL may be covered.

Year 4 Intervention Work

Intervention group work is sometimes required when a child needs additional support. Pupil premium funding is available for some of the intervention strategies. The interventions can last for one session a day, one week or one term dependent upon the individual needs of the child. If necessary, parents are informed of any intervention through a school report, telephone call or letter. 

Handwriting Presentation Group - Children are given a piece of their own work from the week and given support on how to improve the presentation.

Reading Comprehension Group - Children are given texts aimed at their level and have support in answering a range of question types based on it.

Daily Letter Formation Group - Some children are given booklets to practice letter formation in order to make their handwriting more legible.

Writing Improvement Group - Children are given teacher led support in how to use language features of a text correctly to improve their own writing.

Sentence Writers Group - Children work through a sentence writers’ resource book to practice writing correctly punctuated sentences.

Maths Group - Children are given teaching assistant support once a week to reinforce learning from their current maths unit.