All children at Biscovey Academy swim for 15 weeks each school year, with each year group attending for three half terms on a  Friday morning from September through until Easter.  The minimum aim is for all children to leave the school being able to swim 25m in a recognised stroke, although many children go on to achieve much higher standards.  Each year we have achieved a success rate of around 90% of children reaching the 25m standard - some years being over 95%!

Children should wear a tight fitting swimming costume for lessons and galas.  For girls it should be a one piece costume with boys wearing trunks or tight shorts.  Baggy shorts are not good for allowing children to learn to swim as they can restrict movement and cause air pockets.  Goggles are recommended for all abilities of children.

The school enters the annual St. Austell Schools' Swimming Gala in June, run by St. Austell Swimming club to provide children in the area with an experience of competitive swimming.  On top of this we arrange friendly meets against other local schools, often taking an A and B team along.

In the spring term each year we hold our own swimming gala, involving up to ten boys and ten girls per year group from Biscovey only.  This is a great opportunity for some of our strongest swimmers to experience competitive races in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Friday Morning Swimming Timetable
Class 4 - Mr. Mayman
Class 10 - Miss. Nile
Class 5 - Mrs. Lobb
Class 7 - Mr. Butler
Class 9 - Miss. Watkins
Class 6 - Mrs. Rhodes
Class 8 - Mrs. Walters
Class 1A - Miss. Burnett
Class 12 - Mr. Jewell
The first swimming session this year will take place on Friday 8th September 2017 with the timetable as above for years 4, 5 and 6.  After October half term, year 3 will begin their swimming sessions with year 4 not swimming for that half term.
This timetable will change each half term as the year groups take turns to attend swimming sessions.