Autumn 2018

In year 4 a lot of the work is cross curricular based. 

In the autumn term we use the history topic of The Egyptians within English, History, Art and Music.  

We have had a visitor to the school in year 4 holding a story telling workshop who brought the findings of Tutankhamun's tomb to life!

In the spring term the main topic is World War 2.  Again, this is linked in through many other curriculum areas such as Literacy, Geography, Art and Music. We study why the war started and the impact on children, looking at evacuees, rationing and the 'make do and mend' ethos.


For the first half term the topic of 'Egypt' will encompass many different areas of the curriculum, whilst after the half term break we move onto 'The Watercycle'.  
The jigsaws below show what we will be covering in each subject.