Summer 2018

During the Summer Term the children will be looking at the theme of 'Improving the Environment'. This will involve exploring how recycling impacts on our own lives, the local and wider environment and wildlife.

Children will explore habitats in science, finding out about the environment conditions and needs of a variety of animals and living things. This will be supported by a trip to Spit Beach to look in the rockpools and find the type and quantity of species living on our coastal region.

In English, we will focus on recycling in the home, the UK and plastic pollution on a global level. The children will use their knowledge of this topic to produce a piece of persuasive writing, encouraging people to protect our seas and oceans from plastic. The children will create some beautiful, junk model musical instruments using a variety of materials to coincide with their topic together with music and computing lessons.

The children will also study, ‘The Cornish Fishing Industry’ to find out about fish that are common to our area, used in the food industry, sustainable and how plastic pollution affects the food chain.

For the first half term the topic of 'Improving the Enviroment' will encompass many different areas of the curriculum, whilst after half term we move onto 'Our Local Area'.
The jigsaw below shows what we will be covering in each subject.