Summer Term 2018

Throughout the summer term, Year 5 focus on three main topics. The first is 'Creation', which we link to English where the children write a diary entry, and Art where they produce one of the Creation days in oil pastels. We then go on to look at 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. This covers several subject areas including English and Art and Design, where the children get to create and make their own healthy snack bar. Our final main topic has a geography focus and is the study of rivers. As well as looking at the River Fowey, the children also learn about rivers of the world. The children investigate how they are formed and the different stages. They will also have the opportunity to study OS maps and learn about grid references.
During this term, our Science focus will be Sound and Forces. The children will be able to carry out investigations, drawing upon their learning to make predictions and analyse their results. In PE, Year 5 will focus on cricket, rounders and, for the first half term, country dancing in preparation for our May Fayre.
For the first half term the topics of 'Creation' and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' will encompass many different areas of the curriculum.
The jigsaw below shows what we will be covering in each subject.