Reading & Phonics

At Biscovey Academy, we want all pupils to develop a love of reading for life. We strive to ensure that pupils move successfully from learning to read, to reading to learn.

Working closely with our colleagues in the early years and key stage one, we build upon the excellent work of the Nursery and Infant school, using the Read Write Inc. programme for phonics, reading and writing.

We are determined that every pupil will learn to read, regardless of their background, needs or abilities. We support all pupils, including the weakest readers, to make sufficient progress, reading widely and often, with fluency and comprehension appropriate to their age.

In lower key stage two (Years 3 and 4), we support pupils to read accurately and at a speed that is sufficient for them to decode most new words outside their spoken vocabulary. Our teaching is directed at developing pupils’ vocabulary and the breadth and depth of their reading, making sure that they become independent, fluent and enthusiastic readers who read widely and frequently. We develop their understanding and enjoyment of stories, poetry, plays and non-fiction, and learning to read silently. We want them to justify their views about what they have read.

In upper key stage two (Years 5 and 6) we continue to emphasise pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of language, especially vocabulary, to support their reading and writing. Pupils are encouraged to read widely and frequently, outside as well as in school, for pleasure and information. They should be able to read silently, and then discuss what they have read.

In order to meet the demands of the curriculum, we use the Oxford Reading Buddy programme; a digital reading service that supports each child’s personal reading journey, motivates them to succeed, and provides teachers with valuable insights into their attainment and development. By the end of Year 6, pupils’ reading should be sufficiently fluent and effortless for them to manage the general demands of the curriculum in Year 7, across all subjects and not just in English.

We want all pupils to leave Biscovey Academy ready for the next step in their lives, with a life-long reading habit and a love of books.

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