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Football Kit 
3rd May 2022
Our football season has now finished.  We've had some great success through the season, such as our girls' team reaching the county finals.  It has also been amazing to see that so many children have played for a school team at some point;  58 children have pulled on a kit and represented the school this season!  However, this also means, we now need to collect in 58 football kits that have been handed out.
Every child has been given three things: a sky blue shirt, sky blue shorts and sky blue socks.
Please can you return the kit to Mr. Wallbank in a named carrier bag.  We ask that all kit is returned by Monday 9th May (next week).  We will check the children's names off a list as they hand in their kit, so if it is returned without names we will not know who has returned it.
Thank you for your support.
Mr. Wallbank

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