Useful Tips for Home Learning

Adapting to new routines, balancing commitments and taking on the role of educator is not without its challenges. There will be days that are easier than others and you need to remember, you can only do your best. Here are some suggestions that might support you with learning at home. 

Motivation is key and regular sessions each day will help with this. If your child feels saturated, try a different task. Praise effort as well as achievements and if your child is struggling, reassure them. We often use the phrase, “You haven’t got it yet but one day you will”. 

Create a daily timetable, design it with your children. Factor in fun times for all. Learning time needs to have a different feel to playtime. 

Read the task in advance of your child so you have an idea of what they need to do.  If you have several children can the older children support the younger ones? Can you all do the same activity at times (art, music, science?), to avoid your attention being pulled in many ways.

Make sure there is a balance to the day, ensuring plenty of exercise. Have a mixture of handwritten and online tasks.

The learning provided is a guide intended to help you to provide a week’s education, it is flexible, and you can change it. Your child's teacher will maintain regular contact with you so that you can work together to resolve any difficulties you may be having with home learning. 

And BREATHE!  You've totally got this...

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