Vision and Values

A school where Everyone Matters 

At Biscovey Academy we work together  to create a positive and nurturing learning environment where our children can feel happy, safe and respected.

We aim to ensure that we offer our children the opportunities and experiences to enable them to become:

Successful learners who show…

  •  Enthusiasm and Motivation for learning
  •  Determination to reach high standards of     achievement
  •  Creativity and resourcefulness
  •  Openness to new thinking and ideas
  •  Perseverance
  •  Independence
  •  Teamwork
  •  The ability to make links between learning

Confident individuals who show…

  •  A sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being 
  •  Communication Skills
  •  Pride and self-respect
  •  Resilience and self-reliance
  •  Ambition
  •  An active and healthy lifestyle

Responsible citizens who show…

  • Responsibility
  • Secure Beliefs and Values
  • Respect, Sensitivity and Tolerance towards others
  • The ability to make informed decisions
  • A Sense of Community
  • Honesty
We share the Core Values of the Aspire Academy Trust 
Our Core Values:

Aspirations - achieve the best for ourselves and others, to imagine possibilities and make them real. 

Spirit – demonstrating the courage of our convictions, with energy and determination.

Passion - enthusiastic and committed to seek opportunity, pursue talents and interests.

Integrity – honest with ourselves and others in all that we do.

Resilience - to overcome obstacles and reach success.

Excellence – in all we do. 


Biscovey Academy
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