Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Corbett

Head of School

Mr R Wallbank

Assistant Head of School

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Health & Safety Officer

Mrs G Wilson


Designated Person for Children in Care

Inclusion Team

Mrs A Lobb

Wellbeing and Behaviour for Learning Lead

Based in The Cove

Miss K Sturtridge

SENDCo Assistant

Mrs A Gill

Family Support

Safeguarding Team
Attendance Monitor

Office Team

Mrs J Jackson

School Office

Mrs Y Pedlar

School Office

Mrs C Lewis

School Office

Site Supervising Team

Mr J Sanchez

Site Supervisor

Mr N Coombe

Teaching Team

Mr W Harper-Penrose

Year 3 - Class 1A Teacher

Music Lead

Miss J Hilton

Year 3 - Class 1 Teacher

Pupil Premium Lead

Miss T Taylor

Year 3 - Class 2 Teacher

R.E. Lead

Mrs A Lobb

Year 4 - Class 5 Teacher

Assistant English Lead

Mrs H Rhodes

Year 4 - Class 6 Teacher

Assistant Maths Lead
Student Council Lead

Mr A Butler

Year 5 - Class 7 Teacher

P.E. Lead

Mrs J Bird

Year 5 - Class 8 Teacher

Geography & History Lead

Mrs S Walters

Year 5 - Class 8 Teacher

Maths Lead

Mr C Jewell

Year 5 - Class 12 Teacher

Computing Lead

Mr J Mayman

Year 6 - Class 4 Teacher

D.T. Lead

Miss E Watkins

Year 6 - Class 9 Teacher

Science Lead

Miss R Nile

Year 6 - Class 10 Teacher

English Lead

Support Staff

Mrs N Black


Resources Manager

Miss K Collins


Mrs V Stephenson

HLTA/Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Underwood


Intervention Support

Mrs M Best

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Butler

Teaching Assistant

Miss V Cox

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Guard

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Hankinson

Teaching Assistant

School Librarian

Mrs L Hawke

Sports Co-ordinator

Mrs D Hicks

Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Keat

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Nicholls

Teaching Assistant

Miss L Parr

Teaching Assistant

Mr G Stewart

Teaching Assistant

Music Support