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At Biscovey Academy we are strongly committed to helping our children grow and develop the skills that they will need to be successful in life. We take great pride in our broad and exciting ‘Dare to DREAM’ curriculum offer and the range of incredible opportunities children of Biscovey Academy are able to access. Opportunities such as watching ‘Live’ sport, performing in a 250+ theatre, visiting different cities, being immersed within different cultures, representing the school in many different sports and being part of our school bands! As a trauma responsive school we place the child’s emotional needs at the heart of all we do and ensure that all of our adults have the emotional capacity to support all of our children in the very best way possible.

As importantly as the core academic skills our children learn, we want everyone to be happy within school, feel safe and confident to take on the challenges they will face as they grow older. Aspirations, motivation and the willingness and ability to take risks, believe in oneself and learn from mistakes are qualities that we believe are essential and we commit a lot of time and effort into helping our children be the best versions of themselves. Our school motto is ‘where everyone DREAMS big!’ and our children and staff truly believe that anything is possible!

If you have any interest in our school, in any capacity, please come and see for yourself the wonderful things that go on at Biscovey Academy. We’re sure you will pick up on the happy atmosphere, the excellent behaviour, fabulous resources and exciting curriculum being delivered. Exciting times lie ahead for our school, there is a real buzz around the school and the community about what we do – come and be part of the adventure!

Mr J Tyers / Head of School

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