Our aim for writing is to develop fluent writers, who are able to draw upon experiences, knowledge and a wide range of terminology, vocabulary and language features so that they can produce independent pieces of writing. We want to instil the confidence for children to write for a range of purposes and apply themselves to write of high quality. We understand that children work at different paces and abilities therefore, we embrace the variation of work that children can do and encourage them to produce the best work that they can and be proud of their achievements. We promote children to question and challenge texts, seek meaning and continually add new words to their vocabularies. Each year group is exposed to a range of literature to inspire their writing both in fiction and non-fiction. Their chosen texts reflect on our curriculum theme for each half-term and allow our children to delve deeper with their knowledge and understanding of a topic. 
Our writing process enables time to be committed to sequencing of lessons and writing themes to fully grasp and extend new skills and write effective pieces of writing. We strive to raise aspirations of children and have high expectations on presentation, content and pride in their work. 

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