Special Educational Needs

Biscovey Academy SEND Vision

The SEND booklet below, outlines information regarding the ways in which we provide support for all pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We do so in order to provide the tools which allow for all to realise their full potential, make outstanding academic and personal progress and grow to be equipped for their future lives. Provision may change and develop over time, but our ethos and values remain constant.

Biscovey Academy is a fully inclusive mainstream junior school serving pupils in Par and St Blazey.

Driven by our Dare to Dream Curriculum, we are committed to providing access to a first-class education for all pupils, which is highly ambitious for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and other vulnerable groups. All pupils are entitled to have access to a broad, balanced, and relevant curriculum, which is scaffolded and differentiated to meet individual needs. Pupils are supported to keep up, not catch up. Biscovey Academy staff recognise and are committed to fulfilling their responsibility to ensure that every pupil has an equal opportunity to attain good outcomes in their learning, progress and personal development. 

 Pupils of all ages and all abilities will:

  • Be treated as individuals where their individual needs, interests and aptitudes are recognised. Be entitled to have an emerging or evident special educational need identified and assessed.
  • Be provided with opportunities for continued growth and development so that they can increase their self-esteem and become confident.
  • Receive a balanced curriculum in both content and style of delivery which allows them to make informed choices as they progress through their academic journey.
  • Be encouraged to achieve their full potential, whatever their abilities.
  • Be encouraged to learn through a range of enjoyable and stimulating experiences in an atmosphere where pupils feel valued, encouraged and safe.
  • Learn to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and actions so that they will be equipped to deal with life after Biscovey and beyond into their future.  
  • Be encouraged to see education as a life-long process to the benefit of all aspects of their life
  • Be taught by outstanding teachers who share the belief that everyone is a leader of SEND provision.
Here at Biscovey Academy we want all of our pupils to be supported to achieve across a broad and balanced range of curriculum subjects. Each of our subject leaders are working to become leaders of SEND provision and with the support of the SENDCO have begun to develop subject specific support strategies that can be drawn upon to ensure all pupils keep up, not catch up.  

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