P.E. Overview

At Biscovey Academy there is a strong belief that active children are happy children.  Along with many other factors, we believe that the academic success that our children achieve throughout the school is strongly impacted by the many opportunities they have to lead an active and healthy lifestyle through taking part in high quality P.E. lessons and extra curricular activities.  

Children who are provided with positive experiences of sport at a primary school age are much more likely to lead active and healthy lifestyles later in life.  We consider our role in providing these positive experiences vital to the children's wellbeing, both in the present day and in the future.

We work hard to provide children with competitive experiences throughout their time at Biscovey, from intra-school sports days and swimming galas, through to inter-school matches.  We enter into many competitions on a local, county and national scale in a wide range of sports to allow all children to reach the high standards they are capable of.

Our sporting provision is enhanced by year group camps throughout the school which allow children the opportunity to experience spending time away from home with their friends, working on a range of adventurous activities and developing their self-esteem, confidence and their ability to work well as part of a team.

The weekly offer to all pupils is two 1-hour P.E. lessons, along with 15minute 'Get Active' sessions on non-P.E. days.

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