Cultural Capital at BA

What is cultural capital?

Cultural capital is the accumulation of essential knowledge and skills that pupils need in order for them to be education citizens. It is one of the key ingredients a child will draw upon to be successful in society. At Biscovey Academy, we recognise that children need to be given varied, rich and sustained opportunities to allow them to develop their cultural capital. We want to create opportunities that enrich our children’s understanding of the world around them, exposing them to knowledge and experiences that will drive them to aspire to be the best they can be.

What cultural capital means to us:

An understanding of influences and culture that have shaped our own heritage as well as that of others. Educational visits, talks and experiences. Exploring modern and classic literature as well as the Arts. An understanding of different cultures both within school and further afield. Opportunities to appreciate, participate in and enjoy artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities. Understanding and appreciating the world through its history, geography and cultural influences.

So how does our DREAMS influence our cultural capital offer?

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