Year 5 Maple Class

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Miss S Dowrick

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Miss H Pink

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Welcome back to Spring 2!


In VIPERS this half term, we are continuing to focus on ‘The 1000 Year Old Boy’ by Ross Welford. This is ‘a heart stopping, poignant, epic adventure story about a boy destined to live forever, who only wants to grow up. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live forever? Well, Alfie Monk can tell you.’

We will be continuing to use all of our reading skills to make inferences, predictions and retrieve information from the text.


This half term, we will be looking at suspense narratives, linking to our VIPERS text 'The 1000 Year Old Boy'. Following this, we will be studying instructional writing with the children producing a set of instructions relating to our Science topic on 'Forces'.  Our third focus will return to the Vikings, where the children will be writing a  Cinquain, which is a poem that follows a 5 line pattern. 


This half term we will continue to develop our knowledge of the written methods of multiplication and division before moving on to fractions (multiplying fractions by integers / finding fractions of amounts). Following this, we will look at decimals and percentages.

As well as teaching these units, we will also be focusing on developing children's mastery in maths and their arithmetic skills through daily practice.


This half term we will be looking at forces. Our umbrella question is, ‘Why did the apple fall from the tree?' and over the next 5 weeks we will focus on the following key questions:

1. What is the impact of gravity?

2. What is resistance?

3. How does resistance act between moving surfaces?

4. Does the biggest force always have the biggest effect?

5. What did Newton and Galileo find out and why is it important?

Within each lesson, we will also be focusing on specific scientific skills and approaches.


This half term, we continue our study of Britain in the Middle Ages and focus on the Vikings. Our umbrella question is, ‘Vikings; Blood thirsty monsters or a civilised culture?' Over the course of 5 key questions, the children will learn about why they invaded Britain, why the Vikings have gained such a bad reputation and why recent excavations have changed our view of them.  In conclusion, they will use evidence to answer the question, 'Raiders or settlers: how should we remember the Vikings?'

We will also be visiting Falmouth Maritime Museum.

Vikings: Sailors, Raiders and Traders.

Find out why the Vikings took to the sea, where they went and what they did when they got there. Pupils take part in a Viking traders challenge before learning how the Vikings used wind energy to move their boats across the water (includes a demonstration on our Boat Pool). Take part in our Viking coin striking activity and make your very own replica Viking coin to take back to school!

Covers key questions:

  • Why did the Vikings travel from their homelands and where did they go?
  • How did the Vikings travel so far from their homelands?
  • When did the Vikings come to to raid and to stay?


This half term, we will continue to build on the children's mastery of art and design techniques with the focus being on drawing. We will be practicing sketching, shading, blending, and cross-hatching in order to produce a pencil drawing of a Viking.

The children will also be looking at the charcoal and graphite artist Simon Knight, who is based in Cornwall. 


We will be taking inspiration from the Viking Sagas for our music unit this half term. 


P.E Timetable and Kit:
For Maple Class P.E will be taking place on Tuesday afternoons and Friday afternoon. We ask that children bring their P.E kit in for the week so they are ready to get changed in school.

P.E Kit requirements:

-Sky Blue Biscovey Academy t-shirt

-Navy Blue Biscovey Academy hoody

-Black shorts (black tracksuit bottoms can be worn for outside P.E. when the weather is cold)


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