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Welcome to Autumn 2
In VIPERS this half term, we are focusing on the book 'What the Moon Saw ' by Laura Resau. It is the story of a 14 year old American girl named Clara Luna. She is at the age where she is trying to figure out just who she is. Her father, as a teen, came to America from Mexico, but that is all she knows about her father's childhood. His family remains a mystery.
We will be using all of our reading skills to make inferences, predictions and retrieve information from the text. 
This half term, we will be focusing on writing a descriptive narrative based on text from the film 'Coco'. Following this, we will be looking at the genre of adverts and writing an advertisement to persuade people to visit Mexico. Our third focus, will be on poetry where the aim is to create a poem based on the Mexican festival 'The Day of the Dead.'
The first multiplication and division block focuses on multiples, common multiples, factors, prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers. Pupils also develop their understanding of multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.  We will also be teaching the first of the two fraction blocks taught in Year 5. Pupils continue to develop their understanding of equivalent fractions and learn how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers. In block A, students build on the skills developed in Year 4; progressing from adding and subtracting fractions to adding adding and subtracting mixed numbers.
As well as teaching these two units, we will also be focusing on developing children's mastery in maths and their arithmetic skills through daily practice.
In Science, we will be answering the question, 'Are all materials the same?'  Children will be using a variety of scientific skills and approaches in order to answer the key questions. These will focus on how materials can be grouped, how they can be compared and what happens to materials when they are dissolved in a solution.
In Geography, we will be studying Mexico City. Our umbrella question is 'What daily challenges does its inhabitants face?' Over the course of 5 key questions, the children will learn about what makes Mexico City special and investigate the affects of pollution and a dwindling water supply, as well as why the city is sinking.
P.E Timetable and Kit:
For Maple Class P.E will be taking place on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday morning. We ask that children bring their P.E kit in for the week so they are ready to get changed in school.

P.E Kit requirements:

-Sky Blue Biscovey Academy t-shirt

-Navy Blue Biscovey Academy hoody

-Black shorts (black tracksuit bottoms can be worn for outside P.E. when the weather is cold)


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