Parent Support Advisor

Parent Support Advisor:



Having lived in the local community for many years, as well as having a young child who attends a local nursery setting, I know only too well the strains and challenges faced by our families and the wider community. We all need someone who is non-judgemental and impartial to talk to at various times throughout the parenting journey and that’s what I am here for.

Here at Biscovey Academy, we continue to promote the importance of communication and wellbeing, and I feel passionately about ensuring the home-school- link remains strong, in order to support our pupils, their families, and the wider community.


The role of a PSA

The PSA role is an impartial and non-judgmental role, and one that is here to help you, and your children, get the best from their school experience.

Whether it’s a listening ear…

I need some information on…

My child is struggling with…

I am worried about…

I am going through a separation I need help with…


I am here to offer support and advice. I may not have all the answers, but together we can work out how to find them.


Additionally, I will be able to offer support with school attendance, school transition, parenting, financial concerns, help with behaviour, signposting to other agencies, and a multitude of other services. Just ask! If I cannot help, I will know someone who can!


I look forward to meeting you all soon, please feel free to pop in for a coffee and a chat, you would be more than welcome.


Laura Marks

Parent Support Advisor



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