Club Collection Policy


Staff organising activities and pupils who attend should be clear of arrangements for collection for all after school activities.

Clubs will not be cancelled at short notice. In the event of poor weather/staff illness etc the children will be offered an alternative activity and will remain in school until the designated collection time.  If an individual club or all school clubs are cancelled in advance, because of parents’ evenings etc, all children will be notified and given as much prior notice as possible.

If an after school activity (ie football/netball/tag rugby etc) is cancelled children will be kept in school and offered another activity until they are collected.  When the weather conditions are uncertain, parents and carers are welcome to contact the school office to enquire whether the match will take place.

Unless collected (by parent/carer) or the school has been contacted (by parent/carer) to give permission for their child to leave school, children will not be allowed to leave until the designated finish time of the club.

If a parent/carer is late collecting a child from school at the end of the day, in this or any other circumstance, the child should come back into school and notify the office staff who will attempt to contact a parent. They should not leave the school premises with anyone else, without notifying the school office of the new arrangement.

In line with other school policies the child’s safety is paramount as part of this policy and for all school activities.

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