Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Mr J Tyers

Head of School

Mr R Wallbank

Assistant Head of School

Designated Safeguarding Lead
Designated Teacher for Children in Care
P.E. Lead

Miss J Bignell


Inclusion Team
Mr S Kessell

Trauma Informed Lead

Miss L Marks

Parent Support Advisor

Office Team
Mrs L Lake


Mrs C Pascoe


Site Supervising Team
Mr T Frost

Site Manager

Teaching Team
Miss L Swift

Year 3 - Juniper Teacher

Science Lead

Mr C Parker

Year 3 - Palm Teacher

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Lead
Curriculum Lead
Geography, Languages and Computing Lead

Mr D Salway

Year 4 - Sycamore Teacher

Maths Lead

Miss K Vickery

Year 4 - Cedar Teacher

Art Lead

Mr C Hayne

Year 5 - Maple Class

Mrs J Bird

Year 5 - Rowan Teacher (Mon-Wed)

History Lead

Mrs S Walters

Year 5 - Rowan Class Teacher (Wed -Fri)

D.T. Lead

Miss N Munson

Year 6 - Ash Teacher

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader
English and Music Lead

Miss B Keifer

Year 6 - Hazel Teacher

R.E Lead

Mr Rob Wallbank

Assistant Head of School

Year 6- Ash (Friday)
Year 3- Palm (Monday)

Support Staff
Mrs N Black


Mrs M Garrett

Teaching Assistant

Ms S Carpenter

Teaching Assistant

Miss K Collins


Miss S Dowrick

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Green

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hooper


Miss S Hales

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Pagram

Teaching Assistant

Miss H Pink

Teaching Assistant

Miss M Reynolds

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Rogers

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Seavers

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Wells

Teaching Assistant

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