Our Curriculum Statement

At Biscovey Academy our curriculum aims to give all children the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve to their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. This takes place in the context of a safe and nurturing school environment where each individual child is known and their learning journey is unique to them.


We aim to give the children the necessary skills to prepare them for life in modern British society. As a truly inclusive primary school our curriculum reflects both the context of the school and the experiences of the children. This enables the children to be aspirational, to fulfil their potential and reach the highest of expectations that we have of them. We want all our pupils to reach their potential in everything they do.


Our priority is to enable the children to succeed in the 21st century by providing a rich, relevant and exciting curriculum. In doing so the children will develop a lifelong love of learning. Reading for information and pleasure, writing for different purposes, being able to apply their maths skills to real life situations, being able to explain, analyse and persuade is at the heart of what we do. Our approach to delivering a creative knowledge-rich curriculum ensures that we fully implement the National Curriculum. 

Curriculum drivers

As a school we have developed three drivers that shape our curriculum, encompass the aims and values of our school and respond the particular needs of our community.   

Our curriculum is:  

  • Aspirational 

  • Diverse  

  • Ignites a love of learning  

At Biscovey Academy we believe that with curriculum enables children to access and enhance their understanding of their home, their town and the wider community, developing their cultural capital, ability to empathise and giving them opportunities and choices about their future and their impact as they progress through their school career and beyond. This will help them become successful members of modern British society, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities which lay ahead. 


At Biscovey Academy we believe that children who learn about diversity and cultural awareness have better social skills, increased confidence and are more accepting of people who are different from themselves. Additionally, we believe that in the process of teaching diversity, we’ll be helping pupils to develop intrinsic values attitudes and transferable skills such as acceptance, inclusion and equality. However, what we recognise is that TV and other forms of media including literature still fail to portray truly diverse content. It instead showcases diversity in tokenistic forms. It is our duty that as children progress through our ‘Dare to Dream’ curriculum they will be continuously exposed to authentic, complex human characters of varying race, religion, abilities and other backgrounds. We will provide our children with the opportunity to see a world beyond their own, that will inspire and influence their future choices.


Because it is our collective belief that by educating children in diversity it will increase creativity, encourages open-mindedness, and provides a wealth of opportunities whilst laying down the foundations for an inclusive society that embraces differences.

At Biscovey we believe that our curriculum should ignite a love of learning within pupils by providing them with opportunities to enquire, investigate or seek after knowledge. As a school we recognise that curiosity provides the motivational fuel for learning and it is our aim that by instilling curiosity and intrigue within our pupils that they will want to learn more about their world and as a result, will be closer connected to it. It is our role to create life-long learners.

At Biscovey Academy we believe that great accomplishments start with great aspirations. Aspirations are hopes or ambitions to achieve something. Through our ‘Dare to Dream’ curriculum our job is to show pupils what that “something” could be. Whether it’s going to university, setting up a business, becoming an engineer, an artist or sports person! At Biscovey Academy we believe our job as educators is to encourage pupils to reach for the stars and because of this we have identified 5 steps which we believe will ensure our pupils have the highest aspirations for what they can achieve.


1. Broaden Horizons: At Biscovey we think that it is imperative to expose children to a vast array of careers, the more options children are aware of, the better decisions they can make for themselves. Through our curriculum offer we believe that raising aspirations is about helping children and young people to find options that suit them as individuals, ensuring they go on to have happy and fulfilling working lives.

2. Expand Vocabulary: At Biscovey we understand the impact that vocabulary has on the lives and future careers of our pupils and by widening the vocabulary that our pupils are exposed to we believe we can set them apart for success beyond the school gates.

3. Link Learning to the real world: Through our day-to-day curriculum work we will frequently inform our pupils about jobs which use the skills or knowledge they are learning about. Through our ‘Dare to Dream’ curriculum we will show our pupils how the work that they find enjoyable in school can be used in different jobs which will help them to begin to form ideas about what they might want to do in the future. Additionally, it could also motivate pupils to try harder at the things they don’t enjoy as much, by showing them that it could be useful for them in the future.

4. Challenge Stereotypes: At Biscovey Academy we are aware that some types of work are heavily dominated by men or women or by people from particular social backgrounds. For example, in 2017 just 13% of engineers in the UK were women. Thankfully, what we now know is that this is changing, and it is our intent through our ‘Dare to Dream’ curriculum, that pupils will have the chance to celebrate this change by instilling a sense of possibility and passion in children to pursue what they enjoy, regardless of their background, gender or socio-economic status. We want our children to know that they can be whatever they want to be with hard work and determination.

5. Introduce real people from the real world: Research tells us that 36% of primary school children base their career aspirations on people they know, while a huge 45% rely on what they see on TV and in films. Therefore, it is imperative for us as a school that through our ‘Dare to Dream’ curriculum, we inspire our pupils and raise aspirations by organising real-life interactions with working people. Whether that be parents with different careers or willing volunteers from the community. Additionally, through our curriculum work we will endeavour to take children to see people doing their jobs in their workplaces. It is our belief that an experience like this, while our children’s minds are open to all possibilities, could have a big effect on Aspirational their futures.

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