At Biscovey Academy, we believe that providing opportunities for the children to develop their creativity in art and design is a fundamental part of school life. It is vital that children have structured opportunities which allow curiosity, creativity and self-expression to develop alongside resilience, confidence and critical thinking skills. We believe that enabling children to develop their artistic skills and explore their creative ideas contributes to our children’s lives, both within and beyond school.


In creating a wide range of products and artwork, they develop skills which can then be transferred to other areas of the curriculum. Visual arts enhance every subject area and bring learning to life. Those less confident in other areas can express themselves fully in this practical subject. We value how art and design can also support the children’s learning and understanding in a range of ways.


We strive to fulfill the requirements of the National Curriculum, by planning regular, progressive opportunities, through our teaching of the Cornerstones Curriculum, for the children to:

· produce creative work;

· master a range of skills in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques;

· evaluate and analyse creative works;

· know about great artists, craft makers and designers.


We want the children to leave Biscovey having a love of art and design and the confidence to express their creativity

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