Year 6 Hazel Class

Mr C Jewell

Class Teacher

Mrs M Pagram

Teaching Assistant

Our topic of this half term is ‘Benin’.


Have you ever wondered what sort of place Benin was 1,000 years ago? Now is the time to explore this magnificent culture and look more closely at the images and artefacts that have survived. We will discover the impact of European settlers, the effect of trading and why the British people became involved.

VIPERS sessions will be linked to comprehension activities in our run up to the Year 6 tests in May.

In Science, we will be studying light and delving into the question ‘Why do we need eyes to see?’ The children will learn how light travels to the eye, what impact light has on objects and explore the reason as to why we have rainbows.

Our PE this term will be focused on invasion games, more specifically the skills needed to play hockey.

 Class Read: Black and British
Black British history is no longer invisible, instead it is celebrated and understood as an important part of British History.
This book takes us on a stunning visual journey through 1800 years of Black British history and tells us the stories that have brought us all together in this country.
P.E Timetable and Kit:
For Hazel Class P.E will be taking place on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Children are expected to wear school uniform to school and change into their P.E. kits during school time.

P.E Kit requirements:

-Sky Blue Biscovey Academy t-shirt

-Navy Blue Biscovey Academy hoody

-Black shorts (black tracksuit bottoms can be worn for outside P.E. when the weather is cold)



Year 6 pupils will receive weekly homework that will be set on a Friday and expected to be completed by the following Wednesday. The children will be using the CGP Key Stage 2 Reading comprehension and CGP Maths books which will target the units that have been covered within school. Additionally, the children will receive a set number of spellings to practise per week. 

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