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Biscovey Academy... Where everyone DREAMS big! 
Biscovey Academy is a school where everyone DREAMS big! It is our mission to ensure all our pupils believe that they can achieve anything! The reason why DREAMS is capitalised within our tag line is that DREAMS stands for our core values which underpin all of the work we do here at Biscovey Academy. 
D= Diversity
R= Rules 
E= Empathy 
A= Aspirations 
M= Motivation 
S= Success
In order to help us embed and remember this, during our DREAMS assemblies, held every Wednesday we recite our school poem... 
Biscovey Academy School Poem!
Our school poem is recited by the whole school every Wednesday, have a read... 
Within our poem we talk about the importance of our Trauma Informed approach, our rules (ready, respectful and safe), diversity and aspirations which underpin our 'Dare to Dream' curriculum.
Biscovey Academy's School Anthem!
'I close my eyes and I can see a world that's waiting up for me'... lyrics to our school Anthem; 'A million Dreams'. As a school we believe it is our job to expose children to a vast array of diverse individuals, key experiences and install values which will ensure they enter the real world, well rounded, holistically developed individuals, constantly striving for success and best equipped to make a positive difference in the world!
In turn, we strongly believe that by doing this, we ensure that when they close their eyes, they are able to clearly see that world which is waiting up for them!
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DREAMS termly focus! 
Rewards for DREAMing big!
During our DREAMS assembly every Wednesday, we recognise those pupils who are consistently DREAMing big and demonstrating this terms DREAMS. We don't limit the amount of these awards which can be given out so, if a child is consistently demonstrating this terms value and DREAMing big, then they could get an award each week. 

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